Engage and delight with interactive live virtual game shows for seniors

We help residents in congregate community settings build connections that lead to happier, fulfilled lives. Fun, hands-free play fosters social participation and family involvement, builds community, and reduces staff burnout— all from one, easy-to-use platform.

Designed to reduce social isolation in seniors at skilled nursing facilities, assisted living, independent living, memory care, and continuing care communities.

Why choose Utopia Experiences?

We empower seniors to lead more fulfilling lives through the collective energy of celebration.
We offer live hosted interactive hands-free game shows.

Increase resident engagement

Engaging residents and families can improve clinical outcomes and raise satisfaction, for both residents and staff. With multiple ways to play, we can captivate even the most reluctant seniors.

Raise family satisfaction

When residents feel a sense of belonging, family satisfaction increases. By playing together, residents build community, while family play keeps loved ones close, even from afar.

Attract new residents

83% of senior living staff say offering technology as an amenity drives occupancy. Our live game show platform helps you modernize your activity offerings and sets your community apart.

Free up staff time

Our platform helps your staff work more effectively and efficiently. Easy reporting tools monitor and track participation data that you can share with family. We can even provide a game show host to allow your staff to spend more time engaging with your residents.

Get more from your activity investment

We partner with you to connect, engage, and entertain for happier residents, families, and staff.

✓  Designed for seniors in congregate living communities
✓  Engages residents with live-hosted virtual games
✓  Delivers fun, cognitively stimulating activities
✓  Provides inclusive, hands-free play
✓  Accommodates both individual and team options
✓  Encourages participation, even for those watching

  Measures participation directly in the platform
  Streamlines activity reporting
  Reduces staff burnout
  Increases communication with family
 Raises resident and family satisfaction
  Attracts prospective residents

“We currently have a regular monthly game for our residents. This virtual hosted activity optimizes our staff time while providing residents with a unique activity not previously offered. It assists our facility in meeting its activity objectives and documents residents’ participation as it occurs.”

Kirsten Silva, Life Enrichment Director, Farmington Square
(Eugene, OR)

Our solution meets and exceeds activity programming required of all nursing homes and residential care communities for the senior population.